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Character Album Vol.1: Italy

Italy’s character songs all wrapped up in a handy .zip file!


01. お湯をひとわかししよう♪ 〜ヴェネチアーノ〜
Let’s boil hot water♪ ~Veneziano~

02. おいしい☆トマトのうた 〜ロマーノ〜
Delicious ☆ Tomato Song ~Romano~

03. ミニドラマ「俺たち兄弟だよ!」
Mini Drama “We’re Brothers!”

04. お湯をひとわかししよう♪ 〜ヴェネチアーノ家出中ver.〜
Let’s boil hot water♪ ~Veneziano running out of the house. ver.~

05. おいしい☆トマトのうた 〜ロマーノ家出中ver.〜
Delicious ☆ Tomato Song ~Romano running out of the house. ver.~

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Welcome to Audio Powers Hetalia!

Welcome! This blog will serve as an archive for music and audio related to Axis Powers Hetalia!

Here’s a list of things I will post here:

  • Official music
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Have a request, concern, suggestion, or question? Send it to my ask! Have some audio you’d like to share? Submit a link!

Thank you! <3

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